Seitai Energy

Our brewery employs the global cutting-edge technology of Seitai Energy.

The Japanese term "seitai" means "living body," so Seitai Energy can be translated into English as "the energy of living bodies." Theories on Seitai Energy hold that everything in nature is alive and possesses this Seitai Energy to continue to exist. We believe that Seitai Energy resides in each and every one of us, as well as in the Earth, animals, plants, microorganisms, minerals, and each of the elements and fundamental particles that make them up.

In addition, humans, animals, plants, microorganisms, and minerals are all composed of elements and particles, In other words, all things in nature are believed to be similar forms composed of the same substances when broken down without limit. The theory and technology of Seitai Energy therefore asserts that every individual unit of existence has its own individuality, just like humans, animals, and plants, and that when placed in a favorable environment, it can enhance its capabilities (Seitai Energy).

The discovery of Seitai Energy dates back more than 60 years to when a Japanese farmer in Nagano Prefecture by the name of Masaji Sato faced a problem known as "replant failure," which occurs when the same crop is grown on the same plot of land for an extended period of time, with gradually reducing yields. This problem cannot be solved by scientifically analyzing the soil and filling it with fertilizers, minerals, microorganisms, and other things the soil requires. Sato hypothesized that the soil might contain some form of energy that modern science is not yet able to measure, and that the crops might be harvesting it. By returning this energy to the land, he was able to overcome his problem of replant failure. He then developed a theory to accompany his praxis and applied it to a variety of fields.

Various materials and devices have already been developed, such as materials that enhance the capability of soil, water induction translation devices that enhance the capability of water, electricity induction translation devices that enhance the capability of electricity, and devices that enhance the capability of space. These materials and devices have been shown to yield reproducible phenomena, such as improving the growth of animals plants, activating microorganisms, improving the taste of food, changing smells, making buildings less likely to deteriorate, raising the working capacity of electricity and thus lowering electricity costs, and changing the melting point and electrical conductivity of metals. (See Japanese only)

All of the water used for brewing sake at our brewery is passed through a water activator employing this Seitai Energy technology. Other equipment has also been installed to enhance the capabilities of the brewery's electricity and space. These measures activate the microorganisms, producing tastier sake. Furthermore, the food placed next to the sake will also taste better.